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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga in Riviera Maya

What is SUP yoga?

We offer you an amazing Stand Up Paddle Board yoga class in Riviera Maya, which is practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board.


The class includes meditation, breathing, joint warming, sun salutations and balancing poses.

SUP yoga in a cenote

You will practice yoga outdoors on a beautiful, calm body of water, breathing in fresh air and you can appreciate the beautiful scenery surrounding you. 


Benefits of SUP yoga

On a paddle board, you’re constantly moving with the wind and current, while also balancing on a restricted surface and these new challenges will refine your technique on land and work muscles you aren’t used to, relieves stress (fresh air, sounds of water & nature, gorgeous scenery in a cenote), improves breathing techniques, increases flexibility and gets you outdoors.

Practice SUP yoga with Steph

Steph will provide you with the proper paddle boards to have a beautiful and fun SUP yoga class.


The SUP yoga paddle boards are wider, have more volume and are equipped with a longer deck pad.

Steph is a passionate, knowledgeable SUP instructor and she will guide throughout the class, consistently emphasizing in safety and quality of movement, and above all she will make you enjoy and have fun in this experience.

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